Voip and Call Center

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Main Call Center features

  • Time Condition (Time condition is a feature allow you to select the days and times to receive calls from your callers and direct it to your welcome IVR, and then all customers going to be directly to another IVR if they calls you out of your working hours.)
  •  IVR (Interactive Voice Respond is a voice system to let you callers select a choices by pressing numbers on the phone dial pad, you can play a voice ask them to press 1 for Arabic or 2 for English, then you’ll redirect the caller to the next selection and another menu.)
  • Call Queue (Queuing System is a system to manage a caller and set them in a queue to be answered as call first answered first)
  • Custom MOH (Custom Music on Hold allow you to change the hold music for each queue to let your caller listen to your services or product during the hold time)
  • Queue Break (Queue Break help the callers in each queue to select another way to go through if they dont like to keep waiting)
  • Call Recording
  • Reporting System (Call Center Reporting System gives you all needed reports to manage your business “e.g: Calls detail, Calls per hour, Calls per Agent, Breaking time report for each agent, incoming call success, and more reports)
  • Live Monitoring (Live Monitoring allow call center team leader to check a live agents and queues status, also allow her/him to listen directly to live calls)
  • Voice Mail
  • Agent Break System
  • Agent Login and logout System

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